Telstra Business Broadband ADSL

Brief description information:

Business Broadband ADSL is a business-grade connection that takes full advantage of our ADSL high-speed coverage. ADSL is for transmitting digital information at a high bandwidth on existing phone lines to homes and businesses. Unlike regular dial-up phone services, it provides continuously available “always on” connection, while simultaneously accommodating analogue (voice) information on the same line.

Telstra Business Broadband ADSL offers:

24/7 Support
Australian-based, business-grade technical support is available around the clock.

Predictable performance
Your connection speeds will remain the same even if you exceed your monthly allowance. (Excess usage charges apply after your monthly limited is exceeded)

Unlimited uploads
Uploads won’t count towards your monthly usage plan.

Better cost control
Your excess data fees will be capped at $300 each month.

Access to CustData
Our online service management and reporting tools.

Upgrade or downgrade your plan without being financially penalised.

Our Business Broadband ADSL plans can also include:

  • Remote working capabilities
  • Static IP address
  • 10 x Business Mail POP mailboxes with web mail access
  • 1 x Business Domain name registered and hosted (e.g.

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