Telstra Cloud Computing (IAAS)

Brief description information:

Infrastructure as a Service opens up the reach, coverage and performance of Australia’s largest communications network and makes it available to your organisation on demand. You get immediate access to powerful, state-of-the-art data centres, shared or private servers and highly secure storage based in Australia


Scale up. Scale down. Opt for private, virtualised or shared infrastructure. Match security levels to your needs and be confident about business continuity with our carrier-grade disaster recovery.

You only pay for what you use by the month. You can quickly configure servers and storage with advanced online tools for service monitoring and management. You can focus on growing your business, while your IT department can spend more time driving innovation and less time troubleshooting.

Cloud Business Benefits

  • Unburden and utilise your IT team / department
  • Quickly set up a new office, project or program
  • Add new business software, phones, servers and storage as needed
  • Hit the ground running and seize business opportunities ahead of your competition
  • Focus on your business and your customers, not your ICT
  • Redirect your IT team / department to more strategic projects
  • Create a competitive advantage with leading edge technology
  • Get smart, cost-efficient collaboration
  • Growing choice of telephony, email, unified communications, video and web conferencing
  • Enterprise solutions from Microsoft, Cisco® and McAfee®
  • Provide your people with business software, voice, IM, video conferencing, contacts, calendars, shared address books directly to their mobile phones and laptops
  • Smarter Technology Management
  • Make your ICT vehicle more strategic
  • Be proactive, not reactive
  • No more worrying about upgrades, security patches and PABX systems
  • Scale services up or down to meet the needs of your people and your business
  • Simplify your ICT management with a single cloud services and network provider


Better Management of Budgets

  • Only pay for the ICT you use so your costs match your success
  • Simple pay-for-use costing models make it easier to manage costs
  • Get the latest software, IP telephony, servers, storage and security without upfront capital investment

Secure your data locally

  • Australian legal and compliance environment
  • Security controls conforming to ISO27001 accreditation
  • Trusted technology and content solutions provider